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"A vintage fragrance inspired by the unique "Florentin" area"
Ramat Gan

Vintage Interior Design, 'וינטג
Entrance Interior Design, עיצוב מבוא
Corridor, עיצוב מזדרון
Living Room, עיצוב סלון
High space design, חלל גבוה
Mansard window, חלון עליית גג
Artistic wallpaper, טפט אומנותי
Textile, עיצוב כריות לספה
Kitchen design, עיצוב מטבח
Dining table, עיצוב פינת אוכל
Kitchen wall design, חיפוי קיר מטבח
Blue Kitchen, מטבח כחול
Bedroom Design, עיצוב חדר שינה
Vintage wallpaper, 'טפט וינטג
Bedroom closet design, ארון חדר שינה
Vintage makeup corner, 'פינת איפור וינטג
Bedroom textile, טקסטיל בחדר שינה
Bathroom design, עיצוב חדר רחצה
Round mirror in the bathroom, מראה עגולה באמבטיה
Home office design, עיצוב משרד ביתי
Window seat design, ספסל ישיבה בחלון
Kids room design, עיצוב חדר ילדים
Ceiling beams in kids room, קורות בתקרה
Kids furniture, ריהוט ילדים
Back garden, גינה אחורית
Entrance to the house, כניסה לבית


Pillows with roosters, light bulbs made from water pipes, all kinds of glass jars and bottles, handmade wooden furniture,

vitrage glass lamps - in general, a mess with a creative touch.

All this is a small part of the big and interesting world of a young couple we met for the design of their new house in Ramat Gan.

On the one hand, we had to take care of, and preserve their unique world. And on the other hand, to plan the purchased house for their needs and lifestyle, so that all this will function harmoniously and combine together.

It was important for us not to impose our vision, but listening to the wishes and their vision, carefully guide and correct them.

Part of the ceiling, about 6 meters high, inspired us immediately, and despite the fact that initially there were only 3 rooms in the house (bedroom, living room and kitchen), we managed, after numerous planning options, to find the best planning solution, which allowed:

1. Add 2 rooms - an office and a large kids room

2. Create a spacious living room and kitchen

3. By using the mansard, create an additional office room, with a separate entrance from the outside

4. Organize the hallway space

Initially, the clients planned to live in this house for 5 years after the renovation, and then build a new one in its place.

But now, we found that they feel so good in the house that it’s not in their plans to make a changes meanwhile.

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