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Tel Aviv studio apartment in Haifa

View of the kitchen, living room space, עיצוב חלל של מטבח, סלון
View from the entrance to kitchen, מבוא, מטבח, סלון
Fireplace wall, עיצוב קיר קמין
View of the kitchen, עיצוב מטבח
Lighting in the kitchen, תאורה במטבח
Textile, טקסטיל בעיצוב פנים
Home office corner, עיצוב פינת עבודה
Home styling, סטיילינג
Lighting in interior design, תאורה בעיצוב פנים
Bathroom design, עיצוב חדר רחצה
Styling, סטילינג בעיצוב פנים
Integral sink in bathroom, כיור אינטגראלי באמבטיה
Bedroom entrance, כניסה לחדר שינה
Bedroom design, עיצוב חדר שינה
Mirror in bedroom, מראה בחדר שינה
Bedroom styling, סטילינג בחדר שינה
Bedroom closet, ארון בחדר שינה
Layout, תוכנית אדריכלית, תוכנית בניה


The whole apartment occupies a total area of 62 square meters.

Usually in small apartments we are met by the most standard layout in its hopelessness.

Customers have almost come to terms with the fact that the layout will remain without any cardinal changes

And here we are 😊


We began to check and offer all kinds of cardinal and non-standard solutions, taking into account the peculiarities of the space, wishes and lifestyle of customers.

We discussed all decisions together, getting used to three-dimensional visualization.

Until the customers' eyes lit up and they said:

"Yes, we want it like that!"



"Others only sometimes arrange holidays, but we have a feeling of a holiday every day!" - the customer shared with us.

This happened due to the fact that we managed to combine in one space:

1. A cosy kitchen with a round table and a lamp above it and a fabulous corner with a fireplace next to it

2. Beautiful view from a large window

3. Spacious and roomy entrance hall

4. Cosy, work area


In addition to this space, the apartment has 2 more bedrooms, a bathroom and a laundry room with a guest toilet, which we have added.


Happy smiles on the faces of our customers are the best reward for us.

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