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"To excite and to be excited!"

Bedroom design, עיצוב חדר שינה
Makeup area design, עיצוב פינת איפור
Partition design, עיצוב מחיצה
Bedroom window view, חלון נוף בחדר שינה
Bedroom lights, תאורה בחדר שינה
Bedroom textile, טקסטיל חדר שינה
Partition design, עיצוב הפרדה
Mirror in the bedroom, מראה בחדר שינה
Bedroom closet, ארון חדר שינה
Bedroom wall décor, עיצוב קיר חדר שינה
Armchair in the bedroom, כורסא בחדר שינה
Bedroom wall décor, טפט בחדר שינה
Night bedroom, חדר שינה בלילה
Dina Marina Interior Design, דינה מרינה עיצוב פנים
Bedroom entrance, כניסה לחדר שינה
Stairs railing design, עיצוב מעקה מדרגות


A few days ago my son asked his vocal teacher: "How do you determine that a person can sing?"

"The most important thing, in my opinion, is whether the singer can emotionally excite and touch the listener!" -

answered the teacher.

In our work, the emotional component is also very important.


This is what happened in one of our latest projects, a bedroom design.

When we were touched and excited along with the customer throughout the project.

All this happened solely and thanks to the process of co-creation, which included:

1. Deep understanding of the wishes and preferences of the customer

2. Construction of the design concept of the project

3. Better functional space planning

4. Matching colors and materials in perfect combination

5. Support throughout the repair

We combined two spaces into one large space (a small old bedroom and an enclosed balcony).

We created 2 areas: a dressing room with a spacious closet, a make-up area and an entrance to the bathroom

and a sleeping area with a bed facing the view with a large display window, an armchair and a lamp next to it to create atmosphere.

Thanks to the lighting in the panels, exquisite colors, wallpaper, parquet and a light partition, we managed to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

A chic view opens up through a huge window-showcase.

This is the first thing you see in the morning when you open your eyes.

Many thanks to our customer who gave us the opportunity to surprise her and be inspired and surprised throughout the project. Special thanks to our contractor - Dima, who did a professional job at the highest level!

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