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What it is actually an Interior Design Experience?

Interior Design Experience is a process that starts from listening to the customer and connecting to his world, continues with designer design surprises, decisions and support and finally comes to the customer's excitement from creating a harmonious external environment for his inner world.
For most people, sooner or later the moment comes when you want change, and the first thing that people try to change is the interior of the house. But the dream of a functional, elegant and cozy home is difficult to translate into reality on its own. In such a situation need an interior designer. This interior designer has a phenomenal ability to make the home space beautifully functional and stylish with importance for original creativity. It is important for the client to express themselves through interior design in collaboration with the designer and not the other way around. It is also important that the client be complete with a choice of interior designer.
From the first meeting the most important thing for the client is that the designer will listen to him, understand his dreams, expectations and desires. The small details that the client tells, which are important to him and have value to him - are the basis of individual and unique interior design.
The Designer-Customer Connection phase is the challenging phase that expressed in a deep understanding of the customer's inner world.
The work of a good interior designer is built on personal connection, relationship, feelings and emotions. 
What is love? This question has no correct and definite answer. But it is also a personal connection, relationship and feelings.
Therefore, in choosing an interior designer it is important to rely on the same emotions that you usually lean on when choosing a life partner.
Different people can use the same words and challenge of this designer to penetrate their meaning.

Now comes the designer's step - to surprise the client. Surprises can be in design, or finding creative solutions that the customer did not think of. Interior design is necessary not only for large spaces, as many thinks, but also for small spaces. Only an expert can design and choose a combination of materials and colors that eventually any small or large home will be cozy and harmonious. The goal of the interior designer together with the client is to have a neat, functional space that can give its residents a sense of positive comfort and emotions.

Decision Making 
Interior design includes not only help in making decisions about choosing complementary materials and accessories, furnishing furniture and hanging pictures, but also planning decisions such as designing the air conditioning and electricity system, selecting and adjusting finishing materials, colors and textures so that everything fits into the design. Everyone wants to use the space optimally, but not everyone has enough knowledge to do it right. An interior designer who has learned how to do this is the one that will be happy to stand up for customer service and help make it right. 
During the process, the customer goes through many new renovation-related experiences, which raises a lot of questions and doubts. 
What do you start with? What professionals work with? How do you look for them and get recommendations for their work? How do professionals fit in? Where to go when you need advice from a particular professional? How do you plan ahead of time for each renovation phase correctly? How does a budget fit and meet it?
It is very important that the interior designer will support the client throughout. With this in front of the professionals, in the choices and decisions, in the doubts and the deliberations, there will be an attentive assistant, available and a quick and professional answer to all the questions that arise.
Interior Design Experience is a long and complex process as the customer undergoes an internal and external change, revealing many new things about himself and his environment. The whole process is a small amount of money that takes a lot of power, energy and thought.
However, if the process went through with the professional support of the designer it saves the customer a lot of unnecessary energy, uncertainty and pressure. It targets it in terms of schedules
and budget compliance. The result of this right behavior is the customer's excitement of creating a harmonious external environment for his inner world. The way is the goal.

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