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Our Vision

   American businessman Peter Drucker once said:

"The best way to predict your future is to create it".

And this is what we are - Dina and Marina - Applying it through our Co-Creation Designs.

We are happy, thrilled, create and enjoy each and every moment with our clients.

In our work, the way is the goal!

We transform the frightening and traumatic experience of changes that one undergoes while renovations to an enriching and exciting one. This happens during the process that our client goes through with us when he realizes his inner world and needs, connects to himself and as a result, with our help, creates his external environment which is harmonic to his inner world.

That is why our designs are unique to each customer.

Our Work Process

   We are Dina Yaroshevsky and Marina Lvovsky, the founders and inspirers of the design studio “Co-Creation Interior Design.” We create a conceptual interior design in your personal style in collaboration with you.


Dina is an artist designer, an expert in combining colors, textures and materials.

Marina is an engineer, a profi in space planning and finding the best planning solution.

Together we complement each other and provide engineering and artistic support to the design of the project for the best result. ⠀


Our individual approach to the Design Process: 

1. We listen to wishes, accurately convey the mood and sensations that you would like to create in your interior.

2. We take into account the features of space, creating the best planning solution.

3. We develop a design concept for the project, select subtle color combinations, precise combinations of lighting, textures and materials.

4. We prepare plans of electricity and lighting.

5. We create original interior and decorative elements, combining innovative technologies and fashionable design trends.

6. We carry out author's supervision of the project.

Services Provided

   Our studio offers space planning and interior design ideas for private construction, for renovations from a one room apartment to a penthouse or duplex, interior design for shops and offices. 

We emphasize functional design combined with original ideas for Interior design of living room and kitchen, ideas for bedroom and bathroom, exciting children's or study rooms.

הסטודיו שלנו מציע רעיונות לתכנון ועיצוב פנים לבניה פרטית, לדירות לשיפוץ מדירת חדר ועד לפנטהאוז או דופלקס, עיצוב פנים לחנויות ומשרדים.

אנחנו שמות דגש לעיצוב פונקציאונלי בשילוב עם רעיונות מקוריים אם זה עיצוב  פנים של סלון, מטבח או חדר שינה, חדרי ילדים או חדר עבודה.

Areas Served

   Our studio is located in Israel, we work online Worldwide.




 +972 544803611

Dina Yaroshevsky

 +972 547611264

Marina Lvovsky

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